Hospital Admission

The purpose is to provide a vast range of health care services through:

Admission for Rehabilitation:

Ordinary (85 authorised hospital beds of which 57 are accredited)

Day Hospital (9 authorised hospital bed of which 6 are accredited) for:

  • Neuromotor rehabilitation

  • Motor rehabilitation

  • Cardiac rehabilitation

  • Respiratory rehabilitation

Nursing Home Inpatients:

  • High maintenance (98 beds divided into 5 modules)

  • Intensive assisted living (R1) – (20 beds)

The nursing home is part of a hospital context with medical and nursing care 24 hours a day allowing for a vast range of outpatient clinic services provided in the facility: image diagnostics, lab tests, radiotherapy, outpatient clinic multi specialised services

Hospice (authorised by the DCA 00491 of December 5, 2019)

  • 9 hospital inpatient beds and 36 home care beds



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